17th : Tværsted Jazz : Frands Rifbjerg Quartet

w. Søren Kjærgaard/piano AC/bass Frands Rifbjerg/ drums




19th : Arne B Svendborg : Frands Rifbjerg Quartet w. Søren Kjærgaard/piano AC/bass Frands Rifbjerg/ drums


JULY 2019


6th : All Too Human – 5E 9.30pm

7th : 5E : KONTAKT 8pm // w. Torben Snekkestad 9.30pm // Strange Brothers 11pm

8th : Frands Rifbjerg Quartet 7pm at JazzCup


10th : Tribute til Tykke Kgs Have 2 pm // All Too Human Østre Kapel 9pm

11th : Frands Rifbjerg Quartet Kongens Have 4pm



JUNE 2019


8th : Trazzfestival Nørrebro, Lygten Station 9pm

10th : 5E 7pm


24th: 5E 10pm


MAY 2019

17th+18th Release concerts with FOSTERCHILD in Germany

w. Sebastian Gille/sax Jacob Anderskov/Piano David Helm/bass Fabian Arends/drums


New release in Japan : Kasper Tranberg with Hiroshi Minami Quartet


APRIL 2019

Working on the set as a trumpetplayer/actor with danish director Anders Refn in his new movie “De forbandede År” – premiere december 2019







MARCH 2019







w. Nils Bosse Davidsen/cello&bass Frands Rifbjerg/drums




w. Søren Kjærgaard/piano AC/bass Frands Rifbjerg/ drums





23rd : PETER BRUUNS ALL TO HUMAN at UNERHÖRT FESTIVAL w. P. Bruun/drums Marc Ducret/guit Simon Toldam/keys


Recording with legendary band STRANGE BROTHERS in Copenhagen here seen with John Tchicai in the 1970’s

Simon Spang-Hanssen/sax Peter Danstrup/bass Ole Rømer/drums



Looking forward to the tripple-trio tour I put together with my old friends Anders Mogensen and Hilmar Jensson !

23. okt kl 20 : Södergatan 14, Malmø, SE
24. okt kl 20 : Kirkegade 61, Esbjerg, DK
25. okt kl 20: Bryggekælderen, Njalsgade 15, København, DK
26. okt kl 20 : Sardinen, Bergen, NO
27. okt kl 20 : Dexter, Odense, DK
28. okt kl 19 : Atlas, Aarhus, DK


This Project is supported by Nordisk Kulturfond












With his album, Terzet, Tranberg marks the second release of his trilogy “Suite Cobra” – all to be released on ILK.

This album was recorded after a month-long artist in residence at the underground club 5E in Copenhagen and presents an intimate frame for Tranberg’s heartfelt playing, and is a beautiful portray of textures, extended forms, melodic interplay and a deep feeling rooted slow grooves and repitition.The interplay in the Terzet finds its foundation in 25 years of friendship and collaborations.

Nils Davidsen has been Tranberg’s closets music collaborator since 1994, and has presented his creative cello and solid bassplaying in the solo-format and as a bandleader and for years. Nils has been the anchor of countless bands – here is a short list: John Tchicai, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Brōtzman, Joachim Kühn, Butch Lacy, Bobby Previte, Luther Thomas, Ikue Mori, Jacob Anderskov and Simon Toldam.

The deep, sensitive and earthy playing of Frands Rifbjerg has been the driving force of many danish bands for decades; Carsten Dahl, Christina Von Bülow, Aske Jacoby, Jesper Thilo og Søren Kjærgaard, and Frands has, as a sideman, been collaborating with international artists as Clark Terry, Phil Woods, Steve Swallow, Doug Raney and Horace Parlan.

Tranberg says: “I am listening for the beautiful, powerful and surprising in music, and my compositions creates the platform for what we can find and achieve together. We seldom leave the material when we improvise..we play jazz – that’s the essence and pulse of this music”


JUNE 2018 


fullsizeoutput_516 the release is supported by KODA
With his album, Strawboss, Tranberg debuts his new international sextet and also marks the first release of the upcoming trilogy “Suite Cobra” – all on ILK.

This album was recorded live in Jazzhouse in Copenhagen after a weeklong tour in Denmark during VinterJazz 2017. It captures the raw and intense feeling of the music beautifully.“Strawboss” is an exciting frame for Tranberg’s heartfelt playing, and is also an explosion of improvisations based on Tranberg’s compostions which focus on tonal constructions, abstract soundscapes, longer forms and grooves.

Tranberg says: “I am listening for the beautiful, powerful and surprising in music, and my compositions create the platform for what we can find and achieve together. We seldom leave the material when we improvise..we play jazz – that’s the essence and pulse of this music”The Strawboss sextet consist of a very strong cast of today’s leading improvisers:

Tony Malaby: is one of the leading sax-improvisers of the world. He is leading his own spectacular ensembles from New York and has also been active in bands lead by Paul Motian, Charlie Haden, Ches Smith and many others. – “a hero of today’s improvised music scene” –Jazztimes

Pandelis Karayorgis: is a true piano-original and from his base in Boston he has been working with the solo format, as well as working and releasing albums with Mat Maneri, Joe Maneri, Randy Peterson, Ken Wandermark, Han Bennink, Taylor Ho Bynom og Jorrit Dijkstra. “Karayorgis has established himself as one of the singular and significant pianists of his generation.” –Art Lange

Nils Davidsen: has presented his solid and creative bassplaying in the soloformat and as a bandleader, and for years Nils has been the anchor of countless bands – here is a short list: John Tchicai, Eugene Chadbourne, Peter Brōtzman, Joachim Kühn, Butch Lacy,Bobby Previte, Luther Thomas, Ikue Mori, Jacob Anderskov og Simon Toldam.

Adam Pultz Melbye: from his base in Berlin APM is a true road-warrior in improvised music. His unique approach to playing the bass can be heard with London Improviser’s Orchestra, Tony Buck, Axel Dōrner, Jack Wright, Magda Mayas, Peter Brōtzman, Frank Gratkowski, Sofia Jernberg, Paul Lovens a.o.

Yasuhiro Yoshigaki: has in the last 30 years been one of the strongest voices in jazz and improvised music from Japan. His original approach as a bandleader and sideman is rooted in jazz, japanese folkore, post-rock, improv etc and could be heard with Masabumi Kikuchi, Otomo Oshihide, Koichi Makigami, John Zorn and Bill Laswell o.m.a

“Don’t buy this album for your mother-in-law for Christmas.. unless she needs a shock treatment” – (Politiken)
The “Kasper Tranberg Strawboss” is supported by KODA fullsizeoutput_516

PRIMO 2018

The rehearsels for my Terzet recording in april is an ongoing proces. The Terzet w. Nils Davidsen (cello/bass) and Frands Rifbjerg (drums) will tour in the Nordic countries in october ! More info later.

In the first half of 2018 I will work in different constellations around europe :

Strange Brothers – Daniel Levin/Henrik P. Melbye – Jacob Anderskov – Viper – Peter Bruuns All Too Human – Nils Davidsen Quintet – David Helm/Fabian Arends – Damaztra w Danstrup/Mazur – Rasmus Krogh and a reunion with Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra

please see upcoming concerts for details.


Fall 2017

My next sextet release “Strawboss” is in the making and this fall I also look forward to re-unite with drummer and percussionist Arkadij Gotesman in Lithauania – to present Kasper Tranberg/Mathias Landæus Quartet feat. Palle Danielsson/Cornelia Nilsson.

Later this year my Terzet will rehearse, perform and record in Copenhagen. I will also present my recent work for large ensemble in Kasper Tranberg’s Breath Of Disturbance.

Before this you can also catch me with the great trio Magpie.

Details under upcoming concert !



March 2017 in Japan !

I am following the sound of the horagai conchell trumpet and march 12th I will participate in the Mt. Takao Firewalking Festival.

I will also reunite with my old buddies in The Kasper Tranberg Japanese Quartet and play concerts with Yasushiro Yoshigaki and Orquestra Libre!

For all the concerts I am joined by the amazing Lars Greve on clarinets, sax and efx.

You can find us here :

March 5 with Yasushiro Yoshigaki og Kumiko Takara // Li-Po i Shibuya, Tokyo

March 7: Takashi Sugawa/Kasper Tranberg/Lars Greve/Lotte Anker // Apollo, Tokyo

March 8 : Kasper Tranberg Japanese Quartet feat Lars Greve // Airegin, Yokohama

March 9 : Kasper Tranberg/Lars Greve Solo+Duo // Kirakudow, Tokyo

March 10 :  Kasper Tranberg Japanese Quartet feat Lars Greve /Pit inn i Tokyo

March 11 : with Orquestra Libre // Jingo-cho Shichoshitsu


In february I present my new sextet KASPER TRANBERG STRAWBOSS at VinterJazz in Denmark. We perform 4 concerts and I look forward to present this amazing band. Please go to “upcoming concerts” section for detailed info and links !

Kasper Tranberg Strawboss is presented in collaboration with Copenhagen Jazzfestival and JazzDanmark.


I also perform with my trio !


Late november 2016 -recording with two beautiful bands.

Look forward to record with two cool bands the next couple of weeks.

First up is the Frands Rifbjerg Quintet :

Frands Rifbjerg/drums Marie Fisker/guitar&Vocal AC /bass Søren Kjærgaard/piano

I have been playing with Frands on and off since the mid 1990’s and all members in this group have had a longterm musical relationship – what a joy !

Next up is a new trio assembled by bassist Peter Danstrup :

Peter Danstrup/bass Marilyn Mazur/drums Kasper Tranberg/cornet and trumpet

I look forward to hit it with two great musicians I have been listening to since I was a teenager…

Marek Kądziela’s ADHD in Poland

Hey everybody !

I will be in Poland this week with Marek Kadziela’s quartet and you can find us here :

27.10 : Koszalin Hanza Jazz festival

28.10 : Dom Literatury Lodz

29.10 : 12on14 Jazz Club Warszawa

30.10 : Galeria Arkady Tomaszow Maz.

MK : guitar Kasper Tranberg : trumpet Max Mucha: bass Kasper Tom: drums


KASPER TRANBERG ALONE – cornet/trumpet/poetry

October 8 – 8 pm  I will perform a solo set in Copenhagen at Christianhavns Beboerhus.




In february 2017 I will perform in Denmark with my new group STRAW BOSS.

I will update info regarding this but I am happy to tell you the line-up :

K. Tranberg : cornet, trumpet,comp.

Tony Malaby : saxes

Pandelis Karayorgis : piano

Nils Davidsen : cello and bass

Adam P. Melbye : bass

Yasuhiro Yoshigaki : drums

Peace and see you out there !

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2016  

July 3rd : w. Jacob Anderskov, David Helm, Fabian Arends – Koncertkirken 10 pm

July 4th : w. Jacob Anderskov, David Helm, Fabian Arends – 5E/ILK 9.30 pm

July 6th : w. Michala Østergaard, Per Jørgensen, Marc Ducret – Koncertkirken 8 pm

July 6th : w. Dino, AC, Ben Besiakov, Nic Torp, Jonas Struck, Rune Olesen, StunnGunn – KB18/Kødbyen 10 pm

July 8th : Richard Anderssons UDU – Torvehallerne 3.30 pm

July 8th : w. Adam Melbye and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki – Christianhavns Beboerhus – 9 pm

July 10th : Rasmus Krogh Quartet : PH Cafeen – 5 pm

Copenhagen WinterJazz 2016 

Jan 11th : Richard Anderssons UDU w. Tranberg and Jesper Zeuthen : 5E- Cph 8pm

Jan 18th : Rasmus Krogh Quartet feat. Kasper Tranberg : 5E- Cph 8pm

Feb 5th : Tranberg/Søren Kjærgaard/Peter Bruun : 5E- Cph 10pm

Feb 6th : Frands Rifbjerg with Friends : Den Sorte Diamant, Cph 8pm

Feb 10th : Tranberg/Kjærgaard/Munch-Hansen/Bruun : ATLAS, Århus 8pm

Feb 14th Kasper Tranberg / Lars Fiil SOLOandDUO : Absalon Kirken 10am (!)

Feb 17th : Kasper Tranberg/Terkel Nørgaard Duo : Terroiristen, Cph 8pm

—–FALL 2015—————————————————————————————-


will be performing in Europe from october 29th 2015.


Kasper Tranberg : cornet and trumpet

Adam P. Melbye : bass

Yasuhiro Yoshugaki : drums/percussion

Find us here :

29/10 Sowieso/Berlin with Frank Gratkowski

31/10 : Wroclaw Jazztopad Festival Polen

2/11: Sunship, Århus

3/11: Jazzhouse, Copenhagen with Richard Scott


Dear friends in Japan.

From next week we will perform in Japan.

Some nights our trio join forces with some amazing guests – hope you can make it !

Kasper Tranberg : cornet and trumpet

Adam P. Melbye : bass

Yasuhiro Yoshugaki : drums/percussion

Find us here in october

9th Shinjuku Pit Inn Tokyo

guests: Dairo Suga(p) and Michiyo Yagi(Koto)

11th Yokohama JazzPromenade / Airegin

12th House of crazy in Toyohashi


13th : Tokuzo in Nagoya


14th Parker House Roll in Kyoto

guests: Hiroshi Hunato(b) x Makoto Nomura(key,etc)

15th Moerado in Osaka Nishitenma

with Mitamura-Kandadan / PIKA

16th Big Apple in Kobe


17th Shiroshita-Koukaido in Okayama


18th Kouendori Classics in Shibuya, Tokyo

guests : Junji Hirose(sax) Kumiko Takara(vib,etc)


—–SPRING 2015————————————————————————————-

It has been a joy working on Tom Waits’ music in “The Black Rider”.

Under the leadership of August Rosenbaum the band created a stunning take on the production at The Betty Nansen Theatre.

My inspiring work with the students at the RMC Conservatory in Copenhagen continues and with time I discover new depths to my teaching and my own creative output. A post with written material on my thoughts and observations will follow in the fall.

I have been touring and recording with Wosko/Tranberg/Kadziela in Poland and our debut recording will be released on the MultiKulti label may 15th 2015. Release Tour in the fall 2015.

I also recorded with singer and composer Jacob Bellens for his amazing upcoming release.

A few concerts with improviser Tobias Delius in Copenhagen was very cool.

I was a guest with the metal-improv oriented Jacob Thorkild Trio and also once again performed with Anders Provis’ band Viper which also features bassist-extraordinaire Peter Friis Nielsen.

See upcoming concerts for more details.

Peace !



The indian summer has left us for good here in Copenhagen and ahead is a fall with exciting challenges and adventures.

My work with students at the RMC Conservatory is not a walk in the park, but the process we go through together, and the results they achieve are creative and rewarding on many levels.

Also coming up is a week (sept.30-oct.4) in Poland with this new cool trio :


Radek Wośko : Drums & Percussion

Kasper Tranberg : Trumpet & Cornet

Marek Kadziela : Guitars

Here is my favorite lunch place from last trip to Poland – great chow !


These days I’m also rehearsing and hangin’ with Adam Rudolph. Always fun and challenging to work on his music. Also very emotional remembering the time and work we shared in The Universal Quartet with Brother Yusef Lateef. The journey continues…

The danes are very lucky to have Brother Adam’s creative force around for a few months. Adam has some wonderful projects as a composer and so forth.

Check Adam’s website for more info : http://www.metarecords.com/adam.html

This fall I will perform with Adam in The Universal Trio (w. Kresten Osgood) and with his Resonance Ensemble in Sweden.

I took this shot at The Palace Hotel, Copenhagen when we performed in Tivoli Gardens in 2009 :


Later in october a few concerts with ØSTERGAARD ART QUARTET

Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: Drums/ percussion

Per Jørgensen: Trumpet, vocal and darabouka

Marc Ducret: Guitars

Kasper Tranberg: Trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn

This time around we will perform in Finland, Sweden, Norway and do a live-album at “The Village” in Copenhagen on october 22nd : 

http://www.facebook.com/TheVillageRecording – www.thevillage.dk/studio-concerts/

Please look at one of my older posts on this great quartet.

It’s been many years since I visited Iceland for the Reykjavik Jazz Festival with Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra. In november I will return with Richard Andersson’s Udu for a few concerts, and hopefully meet up with some of my friends from the legendary Berklee years in Boston.

Here’s Richie trying out basses :


On November 14 I will perform with the KASPER TRANBERG QUARTET at Forbrændingen in Albertslund : http://forbraendingen.dk/kalender/#/id921


Before the concert I will do a Artist-Talk at Albertslund Bibliotek with renowned danish music-person Nils Christensen.

From their website (sorry, in danish) :

“I gennem mere end to årtier har trompetisten Kasper Tranberg været en iørefaldende kunstner på den hjemlige og internationale musik scene. Hans ret så omfangsrige cv bevidner om en myreflittig og åben tilgang musikken, og det har bragt ham i adskillige bands og konstellationer hvor hans dybfølte spil har vakt opsigt.
Endvidere er Tranberg en dedikeret underviser på landets konservatorier, og giver masterclasses i ind og udland. Han skriver til sin egen blog, har haft sit eget radioprogram på DR, samt udgivet plader på eget pladeselskab. Det er blevet til 7 albums i eget navn. Senest har Kasper Tranberg udgivet to albums med legenden Yusef Lateef i gruppen The Universal Quartet, samt udgivet det Danish Music Award nominerede duo-album “ZONE BLEUE” med sin makker, bassisten Nils Davidsen.
Alle disse erfaringer og indtryk, bringer Tranberg ind i hans nye ensemble, KASPER TRANBERG QUARTET, som præsenterer Tranbergs kompositioner der tager sit udgangspunkt i den varme og akustiske jazz, samt den lollandske blues, som han oplevede den i sin barndom.
“Med min nye gruppe søger jeg tilbage til mine musikalske rødder for at skabe musik der bevæger folk. Det er musikkens fremtid. Det er mit mål at skabe en vovet form for kammerjazz som også har høj-energien, og det fabulerende fri-rum som medspillere. Jeg spiller med mine gamle kammerater som har noget på hjertet – det er det vigtigste for mig.” siger Tranberg. Som en eksklusiv opvarmning til aftenens koncert på Forbrændingen bliver Kasper Tranberg interviewet af forfatter og jazzskribent Niels Christensen. ”

You can find all details under Upcoming Concerts.

The other day I went for a walk alone around my hometown Nysted on Lolland.

Nice way to clear my mind and think ahead.

foto 1



Yet another springtime flew by. I get the last gentle winds of spring and the first healing sunbeams of summer in my caravan on the road in Denmark with Zirkus Nemo. We have a magnificent show again this season and receive standing ovations night after night. This period of the year also bring exams for my students at RMC in Copenhagen and SMKS in Odense. It’s a pleasure to see how the condensed focus on energy and creativity affects the students. Usually I tell them to get a life in music and not only a career.

Again this summer my concert activity will be a mix of new constellations, projects and long-time collaborations.

I am glad to premier my new quartet with my old friends at the Yusef Lateef Tribute I curate for Copenhagen Jazzfestival at Copenhagen Jazzhouse.

This special event will also feature the deep sound of saxophonist Jesper Zeuthen and :

Copenhagen Creative Music Ensemble : Textures on Writings by Yusef Lateef

– directed by Kasper Tranberg

Kasper Tranberg – cornet,trumpet, flugelhorn

Lars Greve – saxes, clarinets

Ben Besiakov – piano

Søren Kjærgaard – keyboards,electronics

Lars Bech Piilgaard – guitars

Adam Melbye – bass

Kresten Osgood – drums,percussion, stuff

Anja jacobsen – drums, percussion, voice, stuff

Also looking forward to perform again with Yasuhiro Yoshigaki whom I met in Tokyo 15 years ago or so. YY has been a major player on the experimental scene in Japan and internationally for decades. Find out more about his different groups and projects here : http://y-yoshigaki.com . This time we play in a trio setting with the amazing Adam P. Melbye on bass. Adam lives in Berlin and you can read more about him here : http://www.adampultz.com

June 15 : Jyderup Højskole w. Alex Blake, Adam Rudolph and Kresten Osgood 10 pm

We kickstart Kresten’s impressive one-week improv-camp in Jyderup, Denmark. Alex and Adam used to work together for a few years in Pharoah Sanders’ group, so I really look forward to this small reunion !

More on Adam: http://www.metarecords.com/adam.html

More on Alex: http://www.alexblakebass.com

Copenhagen Jazzfestival 2014 :

July 4 : Roots Run Deep/A Tribute To Yusef Lateef – Cph Jazzhouse 9 pm (see poster below)

July 6 : Hugo Rasmussen’s All Starz – Kongens Have 2 pm

July 6 : Søren Kjærgaard Quartet – ILK 5E in Kødbyen 11 pm

July 9 : w. Dinesen,Besiakov,Jacoby, AC, Olesen and StunnGunn -KB18 in Kødbyen 10 pm

July 10 : In Trio – w. Adam P. Melbye and Yasuhiro Yoshigaki – Chr. Havn Bebo 9 pm

July 11: Jesper Zeuthen Plus – Harpo Bar 4 pm

July 11 : Dinesen’s Afro-Cuban Dream – Øksnehallen 20 pm

July 11 : Jesper Zeuthen Plus : Christianshavns Beboerhus 10.30 pm

July 12 : Marc Ducret TOWER Large Orchestra – Paris Jazzfestival

July 13 : Kasper Tranberg Quartet – Aarhus Jazzfestival/NY V58

July 26 : Marc Ducret Tower Quintet : Jazz a Junas, Franc


Dental surgery is the headline for this january. A 2-3 week break from playing is coming up, so I shed as much as possible while I can.

I look forward to an interesting year with a new recording with my buddy bassist Nils Davidsen and legendary danish sound-master drummer/percussionist etc P.O. Jørgensen. Also a collaboration with pianist August Rosenbaum at the Betty Nansen Theatre in Copenhagen. This year I will also find myself appearing with Marc Ducret across europe, teaming up with Per Jørgensen with the Michala Østergaard Art Quartet and also performing and recording with Jesper Zeuthen’s group.

In the fall I will be in Poland for two weeks premiering a new group and here in Copenhagen I will collaborate with extraordinary musician Adam Rudolph.

I also look forward to my usual gig with Zirkus Nemo and working all year with my conservatory students at SMKS in Odense and RMC in Copenhagen.

Please return for updates.


A great summer has come to an end – beautiful gigs, concerts, projects and recordings has been done. Working with the Marc Ducret Tower is such an joy and challenge, look out for a heavy cd/dvd release soon. The new trio w Nils Bosse Davidsen and Tyshawn Sorey also recorded live and we look forward to the release and more concerts in 2014.

Lately Jesper Zeuthen’s band PLUS has been rehearsing again for a few upcoming concerts and a studio recording in october. Jesper brought in new tunes, calls and sketches for us to play – great stuff ! I will also start a new duo collaboration with keyboardist extraordinaire Dan Hemmer, reunite with Kresten Osgood (which includes another great keyboard whizz Kim Kristensen). Also concerts with guitarist Simon Krebs,  bassist Richard Andersson and in trio w Ducret and Peter Bruun while I get more into my teaching position at the conservatory in Odense. This semester new trumpet students and new improv ensemble – great ! While this is going on I will hold the trumpet chair the rest of the year in the new Adam & James Price musical (under the direction of my old buddy Joakim Pedersen) in Tivoli Gardens Concert Hall. See upcoming concerts.



For the past few summers I have been performing with the crazy Zirkus Nemo here in Denmark. Playing the trumpet 5 shows a week in a tent for 5 months is a challenge in many ways, but most of all it’s a beautiful experience. The show is a very personal mix of far-out comedy and traditional circus presented by our great boss and Zirkus Director Søren Østergaard. The hard hitting 4 piece band is a tight unit, and with the rest of the crew we have our own little family. Much more about this later.

I do take some time off to perform a little with my steady bands during summer and from time to time new exiting constellations pop up. This year I am looking forward to improvise in a new trio setting with my old bass-buddy Nils Davidsen and the amazing Tyshawn Sorey.

Here’s the stuff coming up :

july 4 : Kasper Tranberg/Nils Davidsen/Tyshawn Sorey – Kongsberg Jazzfestival, Norway


july 5: Kasper Tranberg/Nils Davidsen/Tyshawn Sorey- Copenhagen Jazzhouse 23.59

july 6: Kasper Tranberg/Nils Davidsen/Tyshawn Sorey – Cph Jazzhouse 23.59 hrs

July 10 : w. Jonas Struck, Stunn Gunn, Asger Baden, Lil Lacy – Tivoli Gardens 20.00 hrs

july 10 : w. Dino, Besiakow, Jacoby, Olesen, AC, Stunn Gunn – KB 18 22.00 hrs

july 12 : Anderskov Accident- Koncert Kirken –  23.59 hrs

july 14 : Hugo Rasmussen’s All Starz – Christians Kirken 16.30 hrs


july 22 : Marc Ducret Quintet, Narbonne, France

august 7: Kasper Tranberg/Nils Davidsen/Tyshawn Sorey – New Note Fest, Hillerød, Dk

august 8: Kasper Tranberg/Nils Davidsen/Tyshawn Sorey – Aarhus, Denmark

 august 22: Marc Ducret’s Tower – Saalfelden Jazzfestival – Austria

september 6 : Jesper Zeuthen PLUS – Aarhus

september 7 : Jesper Zeuthen PLUS – Copenhagen



For several decades Denmark has been blessed with summer-camps for both young up-coming and older professional musicians concentrating on jazz, improvised music and almost any other style of so-called-modern-music. Throughout the years, The Danish Jazz Federation (JazzDanmark) and others has arranged these camps in different places like Vallekilde Højskole and Brandbjerg Højskole. These wonderful celebrations of music, art and the free spirit has contributed greatly to the development of the creative music scene in Denmark. Educating and creating bonds between generations of players and composers, and with fewer and fewer clubs to perform, these camps has been very important for many musicians in Denmark, like myself. Internationally these camps also has a good reputation, and many legends and cutting-edge musicians has been teaching under these very special circumstances.

These years one of the leading camps in Denmark are called ” Summer Session” and has pianist Nikolaj Hess as new artistic director. You can read more about it here :


It was at one of these Summer Sessions that I first met drummer/percussionist Michala Østergaard for the first time. I had noticed a beautiful and sensitive side to her playing and I was glad to find out that we come from the same region in Denmark, down south ! – anyway, one night we found us jamming in a duo-setting and it just felt right. After a series of duets, master trumpeter and singer Per Jørgensen (who was teaching at the camp) joined us and we were improvising as a trio for some time. We took our time, not saying much, just waiting for the sounds and music to emerge. It was great, and the following hours more and more musicians joined the fun and kept the music going in many directions all night long. It was a beautiful experience.

After Summer Session Michala and I decided to meet and work on some duo stuff. We would meet a few times in Michala’s rehearsal space in and old defunct military bunker. It was cool to play as a duo, but we surely missed Per ! Michala didn’t think twice; she called Per and later guitarist Marc Ducret and she formed her band ”Østergaard Art Quartet” – soon Michala managed to put together a tour of Denmark and Sweden for us which was completed with a two day recording session in Copenhagen in september of 2011.

ØSTERGAARD ART QUARTET : Michala Østergaard-Nielsen: Drums/ percussion- Per Jørgensen: Trumpet, vocal and darabouka – Marc Ducret: Guitars – Kasper Tranberg: Trumpet, cornet and flugelhorn

You can hear the recording on ”Stories From The Village” :

Released from BoogiePost Recording, a small independent label based in southern Sweden :



In march you can catch us live in concert : 

Monday 18th march: Jazz in Malmoe, Sweden.

Tuesday 19th march: Fridhems Solkhögskola, Sweden.

Wednesday 20th march: Christianshavns Beboerhus, Copenhagen.

Thursday 21th march: Umeå Jazzklub, Sweden.

Saturday 23th march: Vossa Jazz Festival, Norway.

It is always a special experience to perform with this band. Michala and Marc are great, and as a trumpet player is a unique treat to share the bandstand with Per Jørgensen. Since the 1970’s Per has been an important figure in modern european music and his soulful playing is always reaching for the beauty of the moment. His singing trumpet, breathtaking voice and hip drumming is a big inspiration for me.

If you are not familiar with his playing this is a great starting point :

Per Jørgensen – Terje Isungset : Agbalagba Daada (NorCd0875)



A lot of trumpet studies and rehearsals at Østre Gasværk these days, and just yesterday I was thinking about the saying “that danes are just a bad copy of germans”..

Here is a review from german  freiStil – Magazin für Musik und Umgebung 

“Erstmals zu hören sind die beiden langjährigen musikalischen Kollegen auf Zone Bleue als Duo. Die verdichtete, intime Form der kleinen Zweisamkeit merkt man der Produktion nicht an. Vom ersten Ton an wird man als Zuhörer in eine Welt voller Anspielungen, Rätsel und Suggestionen gesogen, mitgenommen. Es ist spannend, es macht Spaß, diese Achterbahnfahrt mitzuerleben. Zwei gleichberechtigte Stimmen, die etwas zu erzählen haben, lassen sich dabei Zeit, holen weit aus, nehmen uns mit auf so manche (attraktive) Umwege, um dann irgendwann glorreich als Tagessieger ins Ziel zu stürzen. Improvisation der ganz feinen Art, schon klar, aber das kann man auch als Avant oder Prog-Rock beschreiben, eben mit dieser sparsamen Instrumentierung gespielt. Diese Musik atmet und groovt und unterhält auf vorzügliche Weise. Eine tolle CD” (ernst)




Today Jesper Zeuthen Plus began rehearsing a new pool of compositions. In Jesper’s quintet we have memorized around 30 of his tunes so far – some are short, but many of them has a lot of material and are carefully arranged. We have learned all Jesper’s music by ear. It took some time, but of course it’s really liberating in our performances.

After our first very well received self titled album, Jesper has prepared 11 or 12 new compositions for us to learn. They are from old and new stock, and none of them has been recorded before (with one or two exceptions, I believe)

Usually, at our rehearsals, we are good at “making music” and again today the music was flying before we jumped on the new material. The new tunes we touched today was the fast “Godt Med Syltetøj”, the bluesy “Pulkz” and the disturbing “DNL” (Den Ny Lidelse). The latter is a unique and challenging piece of music and we also had to check some of the voices from Jesper’s chart. Jesper has all of his music carefully notated, but very seldom we see and use the parts. I never bring home music, I record my parts or the actual tune on my iPhone for later shedding in my kitchen.

You can find our PLUS album here, but also look for Jesper Zeuthen Trio’s two albums- all great stuff :


PLUS will be on the road in october (Dk+Germany), but look out for Copenhagen gigs before that.




In the upcoming february issue of danish JazzSpecial Magazine, I contribute with the article “Music That Made a Difference”. With 12 music examples, that made a profound impact on me, as a platform, I talk about different artists, bands and experiences that made a difference for me. After my recent trip to New York and more intense studies it was nice and natural for me to reflect on the past and point my thoughts towards the future.

In my article I am sharing (in danish) some of my thoughts on the late, great John Tchicai. In, what now seems like a very fruitful period of my musical life, I was lucky enough to run into John. Before that, in the eighties, I had met John at a music camp where he, besides running a very cool “open improv” workshop and more, conducted a bunch of string basses with a candle ! I was to young to “get” his message, but when I ran into him later in Copenhagen, I was all over his thing ! Like the generations before us, John had an enormous impact on our gang. The rehearsals, gigs and recordings, and even the coffee breaks was a lesson ! So much beauty around Mr. Tchicai, but he could also be serious and rough on the edges. John’s music was so rich – the moving basslines, the surprising melodies and solid rhythm. He said that, the ostinatos and repetitions would get rid off the unnecessary layers in music and the “true blood & guts” could stand out. To balance this he created advanced, quirky and highly personal arrangements. He was an pioneering musical architect who could reach deep in his soul and touch people – and he did.

I was into Don Cherry a lot and so was John who had performed and recorded with Don. After Cherry’s passing we performed several of John’s Cherry-tribute-compositions with saxist Thomas Agergaard’s band, Ok Nok Kongo. It was just amazing music and amazing words from John. The album “Moonstone Journey”  (DaCapo) -all Tchicai compositions, is a very good example how Ok Nok Kongo would sound with him.

I remember I thought that I could ” be inside” the music, but John showed me a deeper and different way into the music. He never “preached” about it, just showed us on the bandstand. I remember one jam session in particular. We were on the road with Pierre Dørge’s New Jungle Orchestra in Spain and pianist Kirk Ligtsey’s Trio was hosting the after-hours session at Sevilla Jazz Festival. Famoudou Don Moye was in the trio and I talked about how great it would be to sit in with the trio. After our concert, I was relaxin’ and getting ready to hit the session when I, through the corridor, heard John’s horn with the trio. He did not remove his axe from his neck and just went straight into the next adventure – I felt so unexperienced.. Later that night master bass player Hugo Rasmussen joined John, Kirk and Famoudou on the bandstand and some serious magic happened !

John inspired musicians around the world to create their own ideas in words and music, but he also had a special take on other folks music. I heard him play music by Don Cherry, Sun Ra, Thelonious Monk, Jelly Roll Morton, and many others. Today I was shedding “Bless Your Heart” a song John arranged in december 1993. It has a beautiful melody and John would play it on tenor with a understated but heartfelt cry. One day I will record it along with other great stuff John shared with us – I am just getting ready these days.

Love Is Touching



These days I am coordinating the last details for the upcoming release of UNIVERSAL QUARTET’s new album “LIGHT”.

It has come a long way, and I’m happy that we finally has a release date with the danish free spirited and musician run ILK Label. “Light” will be available on cd and download from March 25th 2013.

Universal Quartet is:

Kasper Tranberg : Trumpet,Pocket Trumpet, Cornet,flugelhorn and keyboard.

Yusef Lateef : C and alto Flute, Oboe, Tenor Saxophone, Bamboo Flute, Pneumatic Bamboo Flute, Syrian double bamboo flute, Xhosa overtone flute, Shenai, Moan Flute, Piano, Vocal

Adam Rudolph : Congas, Sintir, Thumb Pianos, Frame Drum, Berber Reed Flute, Bamboo Flutes, Slit drum, Cup Gongs, Percussion, Keyboard, Piano, Vocal

Kresten Osgood : Drums, Percussion and Keyboard.


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    Nice !!

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  3. Ib Skovgaard says:

    Stay on it!
    Ib Skovgaard

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    Great stuff! All of it!

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